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        About Me

        I am a Hull based Photographer but love to travel. I live with my lovely Husband and our two fur babies Jones and Phoebe who often are the subjects of many of my quick candid captures.

        I owe it to my Dad for passing down the love of photography to me. He gave me my first film camera when I was 13 years old and taught me how to develop my own negatives, how a camera worked and how to capture those precious moments. I was smitten!

        Heartfelt and natural with a handful of creativity thrown in!

        Sometimes a photograph just needs a little touch of creative love and it suddenly becomes a piece of art. I love meeting new people and have so much fun capturing the candid moments but for me the little touches in editing are like enhancing with the fancy ribbon on the gift to give it back to them.


        What can I expect from you as my photographer?

        Do you travel to other locations?

        How long does it take to get my photos & how many will I receive?

        What should I wear to my photography session?

        I wish to treat My family to a photo shoot, can you arrange this?

        How far in advance is it best to book you as my photographer?


        When you are looking for the right photographer, I understand its not simply about someone just capturing beautiful photographs of you and your loved ones. It's about the whole experience and how it makes you feel. That’s why I take pride in offering a photographic experience where you can have fun and a giggle, relax and be romantic, explore and be yourselves while I capture the real you! With my sessions, you will get a print release which means you receive all the best photos from the session and you can have them printed wherever you like because they are all yours, How great is that?!